I help ambitious mid-sized organisations transform, by engaging people on every level

The right internal communication can solve your most expensive problem

You are changing the way your organisation works. It’s the only way to maintain your competitive advantage.

We all know change is hard. And that it is actually the employees of your organization who have to ultimately change how they do their jobs.

Resistance to change by your employees might well be your most expensive problem.

So how do you get them on board? How do you win their hearts and minds so you can make that transformation?

Montis plans and executes internal communication for change

We specialise in getting everybody on the ‘change train’. We identify blind spots in your internal communication strategy that only somebody from the outside can see, and remove the barriers that are standing between your organisation and its intended transformation.

Is your business or organisation getting ready for changes such as:

  • the digital era
  • new strategy towards innovation or sustainability
  • growth

Here’s what we can do for you:

DSC_0439 (1)

  1. Mini-audit by providing a fresh professional look at your change communication challenge, determine critical flaws and put together an actionable plan to improve your change communication.
  2. Consultancy for strategic assignments, same as above with addition of help with the implementation.
  3. Interim communication management for longer periods. I come to work together with you and your team.
  4. Training on change communication and public speaking.

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We are committed to successful transformation

Imagine that everybody in your organisation agrees that change is necessary. Imagine your entire organisation working in unison, like the crew on a ship. Imagine what your organisation would accomplish. That’s the result we are committed to.

Could you use our help? Discover more in our article: 5 signs you should ask for help with communicating change. (article coming on 28 July)

The Montis articles

You will find plenty of tips for change communication in my articles. (new posts coming soon!)

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Who is Montis

Montis is your trusted partner for change communication.

I advise you on your change communication strategy for successful change. Focusing on early involvement of people for buy-in. Always keeping a close eye on desired results and benefits of successful change.


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Montis takes both sustainability and corporate social responsibility close to heart. We believe that the smartest companies see that the best opportunities are in delivering solutions to social and environmental issues. Changes in organizations are undertaken to improve performance. And this performance can be financial, social and environmental all at once.